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Italian Family Kitchen

what does it mean?

The name is referring to the fact we are aiming to recreate the atmosphere of the Italian family meals, informal and relaxed.


And like the Italian family meals, at Fermento's everybody is welcome! 


means "ferment" as in fermentation, the process that originates all the things we love the most - wine, beers and of course pizza! 

We love living in Cockermouth, but can't forget the food of our hometown. We founded Fermento out of love for Italian food, the one your grandmother would prepare for you, simple, genuine and traditional. 

Started out as a Trattoria Restaurant in 2018, we have started making pizzas takeaways during the 1st lockdown in 2020 and turned ourselves into a pizza place since we loved making pizzas so much.

At Fermento, everything is designed in order to serve seasonal fruits and vegetables. Wine, Drinks and main ingredients (charcuterie, cheese, buffalo mozzarella, etc) are freshly imported directly from Italy.

When visiting Fermento, you will also find a small deli section where you will be able to buy some authentic and high quality products (most of them are the same we use in our kitchen!) 

what do we do?

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2 Market Place

Cockermouth - CA13 9NQ

email -


PIZZA Take-Away

Wednesday - Saturday

18:00 - 20:30

PIZZA Sit ins

Wednesday - Saturday

18:00 - 22:00

(food served until 20:30)

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